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About Dimitri Mendeleev

In 1869, the Russian chemist Dimitri Mendeleev noted that repeating patterns of behavior could be seen in the way elements combined with each other. He recognized that the elemental table was a natural phenomenon and not just a convenient tabulation, and because he considered atomic weights as independent variables, he deduced far-reaching and logical consequences. He included “holes” in his table for as yet undiscovered elements and predicted their properties. He is recognized as the father of the modern periodic table.

A Video on the History of the Table

Los Alamos National Laboratory's Dr. David Hobart was invited to give a talk on the periodic table at a celebration in Russia honoring the 175th birthday of Dimitri Mendeleev, the scientist honored as the "father of the periodic table." Dr. Hobart was videotaped giving this talk in 2011 as part of a significant update to this online resource. It is recommended that you download the pdf of Dr. Hobart's slides and view them in conjunction with the video.

"Historical Perspectives and Far Reaching and Unexpected Applications of Mendeleev's Periodic Table of the Elements" given at the

D. I. Mendeleev and His Contributions to the World Science Conference. Tobolsk, Siberia, Russia, September 16-19, 2009.

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File of the presentation
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Dr. David Hobart, Los Alamos National Laboratory - video on the Perioic Table of Elements Dr. David Hobart, Los Alamos National Laboratory - presentation on the Perioic Table of Elements


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In 1869, the Russian chemist Mendeleev noted that the repeating patterns of behavior could be arranged in a sequence of elements giving rise to the "Periodic Table"of the elements.

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